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    Junior Playing Restrictions

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Dress Code

All golfers are expected to dress to fulfill the needs of comfort and decorum, and must conform to the following regulations:

Jeans are acceptable provided they are neat, not cut off or torn, and not dragging on the ground.

Golf shoes, golf sandals or flat soled shoes must be worn at all times.

Shorts are acceptable providing they are mid-thigh in length, have two pockets and a zipper. No cut-off shorts, sweatpants, bathing suits, gym shorts or gym pants are allowed. Attire containing offensive statements will not be permitted.

Women are not permitted halter tops or short shorts.

Men are not permitted tank tops or sleeveless shirts, and removal of shirts is not permitted.

Anyone violating these regulations will not be permitted to play. These regulations will be enforced by the Staff and Management of the club.

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